I grew up in West Craven and for the past thirty years have lived in Holmfirth in the South Pennines.  I’m grounded in the landscape of the Pennine watershed which is an important influence on my work.

My practice is based upon engaging with nature by walking.  Feeling the wind, sun, rain and snow, observing the seasons, learning the names and habits of wildlife swishing through the leaves squishing through mud.  Walking is a way of seeing these things in detail and slowing the pace, like the pace of weaving.  I’m concerned about the way the human race is affecting the planet and how we increasingly exploit the earth.

In my work I use craft methods, techniques passed from person to person once necessary for making and mending things essential to life.  Sometimes I work outdoors sometimes I work with found materials.  The making is a way of thinking, investigating the possibilities and limitations of the materials a challenge to innovate.  It’s a ‘slow’ process, the making may be more important than the finished piece.


Chris Drury for his work in the landscape, and its shamanistic qualities.  I am attracted to the idea of healing.

Jeremy Deller’s campaigning work, and acknowledgement of folk art.

Sheila Hicks’ exploration of colour materials and techniques.

The writing of Jules Pretty.


In 2004 I had the opportunity to take early retirement and although I enjoyed my job I relished the opportunity to do something different.  So having spent my working life in finance and accountancy; I turned to art and design.

In 2009 I graduated from Huddersfield University with a first in Textile Crafts and since then have established my artistic practice.

See Exhibition Summary

November 2017 Solo Exhibition South Square Thornton

October 2017 Holt Cafe Sheffield

June 2016 Art in the Woods Holmfirth

May 2016 Platform Gallery Craft Open Exhibition

November 2015 Calderdale Open Exhibition

May 2015 Open Up Sheffield

January 2014 Lines of Work Cooper Gallery Barnsley with Pennine Artists

Easter 2013 ‘Beach Combing’ Community Centre Murrisk County Mayo

May 2012 Platform Gallery Clitheroe Craft Open Exhibition

April 2012 The Orangery Wakefield with Pennine Artists

August 2011 Woven Threads Stables Gallery Twickenham with the British Tapestry Group

April 2011 NorthWeave Platform Gallery Clitheroe with the British Tapestry Group

August 2010 Art in the Pen Skipton

July 2009 Huddersfield University Degree Show